Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's Coming...

Winter. I'm still a little in denial even though I saw snow yesterday (it didn't stay on the ground which means it doesn't count). Like most unpleasant things, I like to leave preparation for winter until the very last minute, but I'm seriously considering some proper winter gear this year.

Warm, water-proof boots for instance. These Sorels would do the trick. I don't really remember the last time I owned a pair of functional winter boots. It was probably when I was still under my parent's care, before I became too cool for warmth. I'm over that now.

I've been longing for a Canada Goose jacket ever since a trip to Whistler a few years ago. The price always deters me, but I think this is a jacket I would use for years to come. An investment piece, if you will.

Body scrub and oil. Because this skin ain't pretty this time of year. I'm loving Skoah products right now, but I've also got a few homemade body scrub recipes I'd like to try.

I'm in no hurry to experience winter, but I think the anticipation of it's arrival is almost worse. It's November. We all know you're coming. Let's do this.

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