Thursday, 8 January 2015

Emerald Lake Lodge

Our stay at Emerald Lake Lodge was gorgeous! All of the rooms have patios that back on to the lake- not great in -25, but the view is beautiful.  There's no internet (except in the old lodge) and no TV. It's a great spot to completely unplug and unwind.

There's a rental hut right on the lake where you can grab cross country skis or snowshoes for a few hours. Neither Eric or I had been cross country skiing since high school and since the lake is entirely flat- hills were never our strong suit- we decided to give it a go.  It took us just under and hour to go around the entire lake which included time to stop and take a million photos.

On our way we stopped for lunch at Truffle Pigs, a little gem of a restaurant and lodge in Field, BC.

As amazing as it was, I do have a few know before you go tips:

Parking- we found out the hard way that you can't actually park at the Lodge or in the parking lot at the lake. Guest parking is about a 5 minute drive away and once you're parked, you have to call a shuttle to pick you up and take you to the lodge.  It would've been helpful info before we lugged all of our bags across the bridge and up the stairs.

Bring your own pillows- I'm not a crazy picky pillow person, but the pillows in our room were terrible.

Download a movie- before we went, I was all pumped up about no tv and no wifi, but once you've skied, played 9 games of crib, 6 games of Farkle, read a third of your book and sat by the fire for an hour and it's only 8pm, you'll be glad you  have a movie. In case you're wondering, I was the games champion of that trip ;)

If you can, book a cabin- we stayed in the lodge and it was great, but next time we go, I'd splurge for the cabin. The lodges only have 4 rooms so it's not as if you're dealing with a lot of neighbours, but we were on the bottom floor and had to listen to the people above us the entire time.

I've alreay made Eric promise that we'll go back and stay in the summer. I can't wait to rent canoes, hike around the lake and see the mountains in full bloom. It's truly such a special place and definitely worth the trip.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy 2015! We're officially back to reality today. I've swapped out my breakfasts of lemon meringue pie for overnight oats and Turtles for almond butter protein balls. Real life isn't nearly as much fun.

Aside from visiting with friends and our quick trip to BC, we truly did nothing over the holidays and even though I was starting to get bored, I'm still not quite ready to get back to the grind.

As for resolutions, I didn't make a single  one.  Seeing as I still haven't accomplished the ones I made last year, I figure I'll continue to work  on those ;)

I hope  your 2015 is off to a great (and more productive) start!