Monday, 7 November 2011

Ahh the Weekend

Well, we got our first snowfall and it was actually quite nice. I always love the first one, especially when the weather is still somewhat mild.

Sunday, on my way to my old apartment, I came across an amazing memorial for those who fell in World War 2. The white crosses go on and on and you can't help but think of "In Flander's Fields." It really is something to see. If you're on Memorial Drive in the next week, take some time to stop by.

I started packing up the old place. I haven't lived there for a year and a half or so and I had organized most of my stuff before I started subletting it, so I took some time to go through my keepsake bins. Wow. I was not nearly as cool when was 14 as I thought I was. It was nice to reminisce and appreciate the friendships that I've kept since then. A few more hours of sorting and cleaning and I'll officially be out of there.

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