Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Very Eventful Christmas

Funny Story. Remember how we booked that trip to Palm Springs for Christmas? Well, when we went to check in online my passport was nowhere to be found. After tearing our house apart I realized that my passport was indeed lost. We cancelled our trip, I cried, and we decided to go to Banff instead.

We had been given some gift certificates to Buffalo Mountain Lodge, so we booked our room and headed out there...unknowingly leaving said gift certificates on the counter. Seriously! I figured a break from work and Christmas madness would restore full brain power, but apparently not.

We decided to stay anyway and I'm so glad we did. The lodge has wood burning fireplaces in every room, so we made s'mores and drank champagne. On Christmas Day we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went snowshoeing at Norquay.

All the ridiculousness aside, it was an incredible Christmas and I wouldn't have had it any other way. It'll certainly be one to remember!


  1. Way to make the best out of the situation :) Although I would have cried too!