Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mother's Day

I found this book while wandering around 17th last year. You give it to your mom to fill out and then she gives it back to you to keep forever. It's full of great questions- most of which I've never even thought to ask. I wrapped it up in a fun tea towel and added a fancy pen. When my mom gave it back to me, I couldn't wait to read her responses. I learnt so much about her and it really made me realise how similar we are.

I think I can actually pinpoint the moment I started turning into my mom. She does this thing (usually when you're standing at the kitchen counter) where she'll grab your arm with one hand and either pull you in for a hug with the other or give you a pat on the butt. I remember doing it to someone and stopping dead in my tracks when I realised what had happened. Every time I say or do something like her, I can't help but have a little laugh to myself.

I'm proud that my mom is rubbing off on me. If I end up half as smart, funny and intuitive as she is, I'll be pretty darn happy.

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  1. What a great little find- thank you for sharing this with us!