Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Maui: What We Did

Maui itself is pretty quiet come sundown, but that didn't stop us from taking full advantage of the daylight.

Eric and I woke up at 2:00am to head up Haleakala for sunrise. They said it would be cold and while I believed them, I didn't really believe them. It was FREEZING. The sunrise was beautiful, but I doubt I'll ever do that again. The really fun part was biking down...and by biking I mean just sitting on a bike as you speed down 10,000 feet back to sea level.

I finally got to go deep sea fishing! We boarded the Finest Kind for the morning and ended up with a 25lb mahi mahi (and a whale sighting).

We had originally planned to snorkel Molokini, but we ran a bit short on time so we ended up going to Honolua Bay and Black Rock where we ran into this guy.

He was so close! It was amazing (and a bit terrifying).

We also checked out Little Beach and the Road to Hana. Neither of which are for the faint of heart ;)

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  1. Oh lovely!
    I love the turtle pic. We went to Honoula Bay and black rock looking for turtles but never found them. A few days later we saw at least a dozen feeding by our condo in the morning, and went to swim with them just outside our door- amazing.