Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ahh the Weekend

The weekend started out with what I like to refer to as Guilty Pleasure Saturday. It starts out with a circuit class which isn't pleasurable at all. In fact, two days later and it's still haunting my hamstrings. However, it's a necessary part to Guilty Pleasure Saturday as it makes me feel a bit less guilty about parts 2 and 3. Circuit is followed by a trip to Kawa for a latte and scone for me and a cafe Niko and sticky bun for Eric. Eric is usually still sleeping at this point which is also an essential part of this whole thing because the last and most embarrassing part can only be enjoyed solo. This is when I like to watch my stories. You know, the shows you pretend you don't watch in order to maintain some dignity. It's the worst possible television created that I can only justify watching on this special occasion. It usually involves some sort of marathon on the E! channel. Don't judge me.

We met Carrie and Amelia for brunch on Sunday morning before heading out to Canmore for the Highland Games. In case you're wondering, Amelia's iPod includes Drive By Truckers, The Black Keys, The Pointer Sisters and Bruce Springsteen just to name a few. That kid is awesome.

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