Monday, 24 June 2013

I Love This City

Wow. I'm at a loss for words when it comes to describing my sense of pride for this city and province. It's too bad that it sometimes takes a disaster for people to show their generosity, but in the same breath, it's so incredible to see people in action.
from @NTNL17

 I went to pick up some stuff for donations yesterday and as I was buying several pairs of assorted women's underwear, the woman next to me smiled. Sure enough, her cart was full of the same things. So what can we do to help? It looks like has the most up to date list of immediate volunteer opportunities. Aside from that, once things start getting back to normal, remember to support local businesses. They're the ones who will be affected the most and yet have been the most generous. Restaurants are supplying food trucks who are feeding emergency service personnel. Local pubs are having free BBQs for evacuees and volunteers. Neighborhood coffee shops are giving coffee to those cleaning out their home. These are the people who care about our city, so next time you're grabbing coffee, or wine, or gifts, think about the people who strive to make our city a better place.

Bless it's collective heart, Calgary is an incredible place to call home.

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