Friday, 14 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Reading these Rules for Dads of Daughters got me all choked up today. My favorite was the one about buying your daughter a puppy. I remember begging my parents to get a dog for years when finally one day my Dad, much to my Mom's chagrin, said 'Hey, there's a beagle for sale about three hours from here. Maybe we should go take a look." My Dad and I took a little road trip and ended up getting our much beloved family dog, Buster.
Best. Day. Ever.
My Dad loves to BBQ (and collect BBQs it would seem), so here's a quick gift guide inspired by him.

BBQ sauce and rubs from Holy Smoke and a growler of Village beer
BBQ Branding Iron
Ben Sherman Plaid Shirt
iPod Speakers

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my soon to be Father-in-Law, Bruce.

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