Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Jupiter, Venus and Mars

A little something to make these dark, chilly morning a bit more interesting...

Jupiter and Venus (Mars was being a bit uncooperative)

Three planets will converge for a beautiful close encounter in the eastern sky about an hour before dawn for the next couple of days.
This week, Venus and Jupiter — the two brightest objects in the night sky after the moon — and Mars appear at their closest together in the sky for 2015, forming a tight triangle near the constellation Leo in the early morning. Such close gatherings of planets are sometimes called planetary conjunctions.
Because all three planets are within five degrees of one another, if you look at them with binoculars, you'll be able to see all three at the same time, something NASA calls "a rare and beautiful sight."

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  1. Hi friends . I captured this wonderful planetary conjunctions of Venus, Jupiter and Mars! Early morning on 28 October. 3 planets so close together are 'rare and beautiful sight'. Would like to share it with you.