Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Local Gift Guide- for Him

Last week I made the mistake of thinking I could quickly run to the mall. I just needed to grab a couple of things and it was the middle of the day- I was wrong. Parking was a nightmare, people were grumpy and the lines were long. It only reinforced my love for shopping locally. This week, I've put together three gift guides to help ease your Christmas shopping stress while supporting great businesses in our city. First up, one for the dudes.

Camp  Brand Sweater- the Livery Shop, the Uncommons, online

Homemade gin  kit- the Uncommons

Vinyl- Luke's Drug Mart

For his stocking- Zerrol ice cream scoop and $25 gift card- pre-packaged and ready to go at Village ice cream

If you're really on the ball, Eric and a bunch of his friends are really digging this craft beer advent calendar. Give Vine Arts, J. Webb Wine Market or Zyn a call to see if they still have them in stock. We're three days into the month already, but your guy will just have to play catch up ;)

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