Thursday, 26 June 2014

Summer Beauty Favorites

I've never been a fan of wearing a lot of makeup. One of my favorite things about summer is being able to get away with less of it while still looking fresh. Here are a few of my favorite things.

I like to start by mixing Bobbi Brown foundation into my daily moisturizer (which has an additional SPF). It keeps the foundation nice and light while still providing protection from the sun.

I use Tarte Cheek Stain and Nars Illuminator for dewy looking skin.

I use next to no eye shadow in the warmer months. To keep me looking awake, I really love this Benefit mascara.

I'm totally obsessed with Bobbi Brown's Beach scent for summer. It smells like the world's most amazing sunscreen. I throw this body oil on after the shower and it takes me right back to a beach vacation.

That's my entire summer beauty routine. It takes all of five minutes and I'm out the door and enjoying the sunshine.

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