Monday, 15 July 2013

The 101st!

Just like that, the greatest outdoor show on Earth is over.This year felt a bit different- I didn't wander the grounds, I missed the rodeo, and I opted out of a few parties choosing sleep instead, but there were a couple traditions that still held up. The second annual white dress party:

And the second annual ice cream and fireworks Sunday:

It was incredible to see how quickly the whole thing came together after the flood. Kudos the to Calgary Stampede staff and volunteers for making the 101st Stampede just as memorable as the centennial. On that note, Corb Lund- who is no stranger to this blog- has recorded an incredible song about the resiliance of our beautiful province. I might've shed a tear the first (and second, and third) time I heard it. Have a listen...
Corb Lund – Blood, Sweat & Water – A Song for Southern Alberta | Corb Lund

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