Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Eagle Creek Farms CSA

Last Wednesday, (and not a moment too soon) I picked up our very first share of veggies from Eagle Creek Farms. We signed up for a half share that we pick up every week until mid-September.

The first one included potatoes, garlic scapes, a bag of mixed greens, radishes, a hot chile plant and a bunch of flowers.
This was my first experience with garlic scapes and I'm totally obsessed with them now. They have a mild garlic flavor and a texture that's similar to asparagus. I sauteed them in some bacon fat and added them to our egg sandwiches on Saturday. I've pretty much been using them as a garlic substitute ever since. I'll also have a yummy salad using the radishes for tomorrow's post.
Eagle Creek also does an egg share and have recently teamed up with Country Thyme for chicken, duck and turkey shares.

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