Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Village Ice Cream

After writing yesterday's post, we had a little cyclepalooza of our own. Let's call the event 'The Grand Tour of 10th Avenue.' You see, after circuit on Saturday, I saw a sign for the opening of Village Ice Cream. Never able to resist the sweet treat, we decided to ride our bikes over and check it out. I figured it must be near the gym, so off we went. When we got there, we couldn't find it anywhere. I looked up the address, quickly glanced at it, and said "Oh, it's 4th Street Southwest, not Southeast!" We turned the bikes around and rode all the way back to where we started and, again, we couldn't find it anywhere. This time I looked at the address thoroughly and it turns out we were only a block away when we were by the gym, so back we went. We finally found it and let me tell you, it was worth the trip.

Eric had the seasonal special, oaxacan chocolate, and after sampling a few kinds, I had the salted caramel. Oh. My. God. It might be a curse that I ever found this place. The ice cream is incredible and while I'm usually not a cone gal (cup please!), when the guy at the counter said he had just made the waffle cones an hour earlier, I couldn't say no.

I hesitate to share this gem, because as soon as word gets out, it's going to be lined up down the street. If you're ahead of me in line, can you order me a single scoop? Any flavour is fine :)

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  1. we have been meaning to make it over there all week! glad its worth every calorie! :)