Thursday, 2 February 2012


Glamping /glam-ping/
Verb:  1. To bring champage, baking and fancy cheese camping
           2. To sleep on a real bed at any point when you're supposed to be roughing it
           3. The very best way to camp

A couple of summers ago, I met my friend Kristine in Kelowna for a camping trip. Excited to spend a long weekend drinking champagne and 'roughing it' in the wilderness, we were both a bit unsure how to admit to the other (and maybe ourselves) that our mid-twenties had made us soft. Do you maybe...I don't know...we don't have to...but maybe... if you're into it...we could stay at a hotel the last night? And thus, glamping was born. Or so we thought. Then Rachel Horn goes and designs this Airstream and blows our cheap hotel right out of the water!

Is she for real?! If this were my trailer I don't think I'd ever go home.

*Side note-The photo led me to the stunning Life's Little Gems which I now love.

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