Friday, 21 October 2011

75 Tastes of Calgary

Happy Friday!

Where Magazine came up with a great list of 75 Tastes of Calgary. It's perfect for trying new places or re-visiting some Calgary classics.

Here they are:

1. “The Whole Truck” at Alley Burger Food Truck
2. Grilled Cheese at Janice Beaton
3. The Crave-O-Licious Cupcake at Crave
4. Vegetarian Pad Thai at Delicious Thai
5. Ricotta Gnocchi at Capo
6. The Masala Mogo at Safari Grill
7. Scones by Sidewalk Citizen Bakery
8. A Latte at DeVille Luxury Coffee & Pastries
9. Bone Marrow and Foie Gras Spring Roll at Rouge
10. Falafel Pita at Chick Pea
11. The Speck E Ruccula Pizza at Pulcinella
12. Duck Confit Poutine at Laurier Lounge
13. Pig Head Mortadella and Brassica Mustard at Charcut
14. The Veggie Mezza for Two at Aida’s
15. Mac ‘n’ Cheese at Taste
16. Lemon Cream Cake at Brûlée Patisserie
17. Eggplant Chips at Vin Room
18. Grilled Pineapple at Bolero
19. Shroom Pizza at Without Papers
20. Oatmeal from Diner Deluxe
21. Cheese Fondue at The Living Room
22. Deconstructed Crème Brûlée at Chef’s Table
23. Linguine Carbonara at Bonterra
24. Rack of Lamb at The Belvedere
25. Milkshake and Burger at Peters’ Drive-In
26. Prosciutto Sandwich at Caffe Mauro
27. Waffles from A Ladybug Bakery and Café
28. Tombo Tuna Salad Niçoise at Notable
29. Eggs Benedict with Elk Bacon at River Café
30. Chicken & Pancetta Pizza at Cilantro
#16 - Lemon Cream Cake at Brûlée Patisserie,
31. Raspberry Yogurt Muffin at Heartland Café
32. Garlic Fries at The Palomino
33. Rose Lychee Macaron at Yann Haute Patisserie
34. The Original Veggie Burger at Dairy Lane
35. Chu Chi Kai Chicken at King & I
36. Bucket of Bacon at District
37. McNally’s Extra at Big Rock Brewery
38. The Crab Cakes at Selkirk Grille
39. Naan at Clay Oven
40. Spinach and Potato Pizza at Double Zero
41. Kashk-e-Bademjan Dip at Shiraz
42. Garlic Caesar at Antonio’s Garlic Clove
43. Maultaschen at Wurst
44. Short Ribs at Open Range
45. Maple Bacon Doughnut from Jelly Modern
46. Chili Ramen Soup at Shikiji
47. Soul in a Bowl at OverEasy
48. Wasabi Steak at Blowfish
49. Saté Vietnamese Subs from Thi Thi
50. Ginger Beef at Silver Inn
51. Beer Float at Craft Beer Market
52. Crispy Tofu at Anju
53. Bacon Cheeseburger at Buchanan’s
54. Oven-baked Spring Rolls at Escoba
55. Seasoned Pork Tacos at Los Chilitos
56. Popcorn at The Uptown Stage and Screen
57. Beef Carpaccio at Vintage Chophouse
58. Dosas at Southern Spice
59. Prairie Oysters from Buzzards
60. Chicken Apple Sausage at Spolumbo’s
61. Beef Brisket Sandwich at Holy Smoke
62. Ginger Cream Cookie at The Lazy Loaf & Kettle
63. Thai Beef Jerky at Thai Sa-On
64. Traditional Vietnamese Crepes at Kol 3
65. Toasted Seed Roll from Good Earth
66. Coconut Curried Calamari at Mango Shiva
67. Beet Sandwich at Wilder Nest Dream Café
68. Atlantica Scallop at Broken Plate
69. Strawberry Guava Mousse Cake at Yamato Desserts
70. Bouillabaisse at Vero
71. Deep-Fried Dill Pickles at Big T’s BBQ & Smokehouse
72. Garlic Pork at Han’s
73. Pani Pura at Rasoi Kitchen
74. Fishbowl at Melrose Café and Bar
75. Onion Rings at Tommy Burger

For full descriptions you can check out the link above.

Have a great weekend!

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