Thursday, 10 September 2015

Turning 30

I'm turning 30 on Saturday! The day itself is sure to be an emotional one. We booked a trip to Tofino before we had Annalee thinking that it would be the perfect first trip with our baby. Now, we've traded our mini van rental for a convertible, because maybe being a bit ridiculous will cheer us up- even if it's just a little.

I'm looking forward to my thirties. Perhaps I'm just excited about a new chapter, but I feel like I did everything I wanted to in my twenties. I've traveled, I've built and maintained the relationships that are important to me and managed to shed the ones that aren't, I've lived by myself, I've learned new things and I've had a LOT of fun.

In an effort to mature just ever so slightly, I'd like to be a bit better with my finances in this new decade (one does not need to spend money on 10 different white t-shirts) and little bit easier on myself when it comes to my body- less negative self-talk, more appreciation of my health.

Goodbye, twenties. It's been real.

Images from the Bold Italic


  1. Happy 30th!
    Have a wonderful time in Tofino - I would LOVE to be going to the coast right now - I hope you have a few pics on the blog!

  2. happy almost birthday, my sweet friend! i hope you have a really wonderful day and a very special trip. the ocean has a magical way of making your heart feel so very full. soak it all in and spend some time sending love annalee's way.

    On a side note, those graphics are far too perfect! i laughed out load reading them. thanks for the smile. xo