Thursday, 10 July 2014

Last Week

We spent last week travelling all over this lovely province of ours. Here's a little rundown of our adventures.

Pt. 1- Waterton
This was the first time I'd ever been to Waterton. What have I been doing with my life?! It's absolutely stunning and far less busy than Banff or Canmore. The original plan was to go camping with our friends at Bertha Bay, a campsite only accessible by boat or hike. However, the windy weather didn't cooperate and we couldn't get the boat across the lake. After a beer and some debate on what to do next, we decided to leave the park and set up camp closer to Pincher Creek. Even though things went a little sideways, we had an incredible time and the scenery was equally as gorgeous as in the park (with less of a bear threat to boot).

Pt. 2- Pigeon Lake
After unpacking, re-packing and spending a single night in our own bed, Eric and I headed up to the lake for the remainder of the week. We took a little side trip to Edmonton to celebrate Eric's birthday where we (mostly Eric) shopped for antiques, ate tacos at Tres Carnales (my new favorite stop in the city) and had an incredible birthday dinner at Corso 32. The rest of the time at the lake was spent sitting in the sun and being as lazy as possible.

Pt. 3- Stettler
My cousin Claire got married on Saturday in an absolutely beautiful spot. We celebrated with lots of family in Stettler before heading home via the Alberta Badlands on Sunday.

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