Friday, 11 April 2014

Personality Tests

Who needs Myers-Briggs when you've got these beauties. What else could you possible need to know about yourself?!

What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You

I had a hard time picking a favorite cheese, which tells me I'm indecisive (as if I didn't already know), but it's between
You like to take it slow and savor the moment. We only get one shot to live, so why not indulge, right? You also really love crackers.

You understand the value of waiting for something to be perfect before you enjoy it. You also have great freaking taste in cheese.

and Gruyere:
You are a fan of the classics. You prefer the symphony to a rock and roll show, and a glass of Burgundy to a fancy new micro-brew. You also love fondue, which is about as wise a life choice as you can make.

What Your Beer Choice Says About You

Have a good weekend!

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