Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rediscovering Edmonton- Pt. 2

We took a little road trip to Edmonton with some friends this past weekend and found a few more favorite spots.

The Matrix Hotel
This was the second time I'd stayed at this hotel. It's clean, modern and really well priced. Not only is it in a good location, but they also offer a complimentary wine tasting every night. Well played.

Tres Carnales
There was a long wait when we walked in, but a pitcher of sangria made the line move quite quickly. We chatted with one of the owners before we were seated and he was kind enough to order our whole meal for us. Everything was delicious, but the mushroom tacos and papas fritas? Incredible!

Duchess Bake Shop
I just want to move into this stunning bakery, cafe, and store. We indulged in cookies and pain au chocolate at the bakery and I brought home a few treats.

Edmonton grows on me more and more each time I visit. The next trip will have to be in the spring/summer so I can get down to that gorgeous river valley.

Rediscover Edmonton Pt. 1

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  1. i love this :)

    ahhh. matchstick coffee has become our phil and sebastian substitute since moving here. come visit- its just up the street from us, and as close to as good as P&S as one can get ;) xo