Thursday, 22 August 2013

With a Little Help from Our Friends

When Eric and I first started planning the wedding, we were trying to figure out who we'd ask to be our bridesmaids and groomsmen. We realized that we are lucky enough to have so many close friends and siblings that we were either going to have 10 attendants each, or no one. We decided to go with no one. At first, I thought we might hurt some feelings, but actually worked out really well. We have a lot of people in our lives with a lot of different talents and we wanted to include them in any way we could.

Brit and Rando witnessed for us (in addition to a hundred other things- driving, organising, listening to me talk incessantly about the wedding, etc.). They've been married over seven years! Eric and I really look up to their relationship and the way they're raising their family.

 Arborist Cole cut wood for our centrepieces.
My friend Kristine and sister in law, Terri, are incredibly artistic and did all of the chalkboard centrepieces and the program.

Mike and Sheldon played the guitar for the ceremony, Kyle helped us pick out wine, and Eric's childhood friend, Stephen, was our MC. He did and incredible job! Even our photographer commented that he was the best she'd seen. Just before our final speech, about 14 of Eric's friends got up and sang us a hilarious and heartfelt song-which I (obviously) bawled through.

My cousin Carmen did my hair, Carrie planned the stagette(s), and Sarah blew up #mrandmrspalmiere on Instagram (and is responsible for most of the photos in this post).

It really meant a lot to have so many of our friends involved in our big day. Thanks everyone!

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