Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Baking- Wrapping It All Up

Now comes the really fun part!

I can never seem to find tins to fit baking in. I try not to stack baking because I find it make a bit of a mess of everything so I decided to use memory boxes. They have plenty of room and look nice all wrapped up.

I used saltine toffee to separate the other goodies. You must make it. It's insanely good and it takes about 10 minutes. My mom had sent me a version using graham crackers, but the saltines make for the perfect salty sweet.

Saltine Toffee
1/2 c. butter
1/2 c. sugar
24 saltines
1 c. chocolate chips

Pre-heat oven to 350. Bring the sugar and butter to a boil, then turn down heat and let simmer for 5 minutes. Line a 9x13 pan or cookie sheet with tin foil. Arrange the saltines in a single layer. Pour the toffee mixture over the crackers and bake for 5 minutes or until the toffee is bubbly. Let cool for about 2 minutes. Pour the chocolate chips on top and let them melt. Spread to cover evenly. Put it in the fridge to cool. Once fully cool, break it into pieces and try not to eat it all.


  1. so rad!! these look amazing!!

  2. great work on these boxes, anna! such a neat idea and way more transport-friendly that cello-wrapped stuff!